Professional Development

Whatever you do to augment or inform your teaching is professional development.  This can take on a lot of forms, such as meetings, conferences, classes or webinars.  Some of them will come with college credit, or fancy looking certificates.  Almost all of them will come with some kind of evaluation for the presenters.

No matter what it is, or what form it takes, professional development should be as fun for you as you image out-of-school time is for your students.  In both situations, participants are invited to participate in supplemental learning free of any kind of formal evaluation.

Professional Development Date Time Location RSVP
Arduinos in Education
People have been making some pretty amazing things with open source boards and computers.  The Arduino has been a big part of that.  We are going to be giving away a limited number of Arduino Dev kits to educators and demonstrating how to make some simple circuits.  We will talk about how these inexpensive devices can be used to make the connection between Science and Engineering.  (BONUS – This event will be held at the Center for the Lost Arts, a pop-up maker space in the West Loop.  Exceedingly cool site!)
Tuesday, July 21st 5:00PM – 7:00PM 440 N. Morgan RSVP
Design Thinking Workshop
Join Chicago area educators for an evening of innovation, design, and creation.  This session will be hosted by ScienceFIST founder, Marc Hans.  It will take place in the Center for the Lost Arts, a pop-up maker space in the West Loop, where these ideals come to life!
Wednesday July. 22nd 6:30PM – 9:30PM 440 N. Morgan RSVP