Chicago got some pleasant news last summer.  According to a German study, the Chicago Public Library was rated the best in America and third overall in the world.  This was obviously some great news, and it came in the summer, which is the main reason why Chicagoans survive the winter.  No matter where you live in the Chicago, you live near a branch of the public library.  There is one in every neighborhood.  If you are lucky enough to call the downtown, Harold Washington, branch your home library then you may have seen their revolutionary Maker Lab. (more…)

Much of the country is stuck in a deep freeze.  As I write this, my son is enjoying his second snow-less snow day at home.  It’s true, we would consider a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit to be warm right now, but he is bummed by the lack of snow.  So instead of making snow-men, we decided to make something else with the cold. (more…)