The Wednesday night educator preview of Physics With a Bang was a huge success. I owe enormous ‘thank yous’ the Sid, Heinrich, and the entire team that made the show possible. I also want to thank our sponsor Ward’s Science for their generous support, and donation of a Van de Graaff generator!


About a year ago, I got my first Raspberry Pi, an inexpensive open source computer.  As a device it opened my eyes to a world of possibilities as a scientist and a classroom instructor.  I had never thought about what I would use a computer for, outside of media consumption and document creation.

The addition of an inexpensive ($25) camera gives me the opportunity to take pictures.  Using the steps below, you can take a series of pictures at various intervals for varying lengths of time.  My first attempt was to watch bananas turn brown over 12 hours.  (SPOILER:  It takes longer than 12 hours.)  While the results weren’t stunning, I was impressed with how easy it was to take hundreds of photos and compile them into a time lapse movie. (more…)