This Saturday, educators gathered at the SouthSide Hackerspace to learn about soldering.  The hackerspace is one of a couple places in Chicago where people can use tools and work on projects with other makers and hackers.  Spaces like this have been popping up recently, and they feel like gyms.  For a monthly membership fee, people can get trained on various tools, and use them to complete whatever projects they have in mind.  Since I will probably never have a laser cutter in my house, a space like this in the Pilsen neighborhood is absolutely perfect! (more…)

Every year, local schools encourage their students to engage in true scientific inquiry, with all of its usual joy and frustration.  Middle and high school students get the opportunity to explore a question of their choosing, do a little research, try an experiment and report their results.  The absolute best part of a science fair is the forum that provides students  to talk about something they learned with interested adults. (more…)