Here are the instructions as a PDF. (Making Glow in the Dark Floating Balls)

Description:  A while ago, I found these index matching hydrophilic spheres.  They seemed pretty cool and worth the $3 investment.  They look like little balls, and when placed in water, they slowly swell, and they disappear.  They don’t really disappear, they get the same index of refraction as water, so light doesn’t bend when it goes through water and the balls, so they appear to be invisible. (more…)

It was a clear and beautiful night when teachers and STEM leaders gathered at IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center’s Ballroom for a night of socializing and demonstrations. We had a good turnout of 30 people, and a tremendous amount of excitement. As I walked around the room, I saw a lot of people exchanging information and making promises to reach out to one another in the coming week. This is what a STEM social is all about. (more…)