Posted Dec 5, 2012 by Salazar

Today we advanced construction on our windmills. We tried to use spoons but it FAILED With our groups. The most advancement we’ve made was the different types of materials. The highest goal we got today is 264 but we still have to beat 543. Haugan you might have beat us this time but this isn’t over yet!

Posted Nov 30, 2012 by Spry

well today in the club we were making a fan….my group and i got to 543 others got more than 600 on wind speed. I believe this was kind of challenging trying to figure out how to design the turbines but we did it. We still need to test more turbines next week so tune in to see more results! what did you guys get on the wind speed huh ? o.O bet it wasn’t more than us cause spry kids are awesome and smart c;

Posted Nov 30, 2012 by Salazar

Today we continued our lesson from last Tuesday about wind turbines. Some groups succeeded with the turbines they invented, the groups used different types of materials and techniques to create the turbines. We found out that the materials we were using could affect the amount of milli-voltage produced. One group found out that putting too much weight on the turbines could affect the speed. We also used a Dyson blade-less fan to help move the turbines and it didn’t work that well, we also found out that the design of our blades affect the speed also. Some teams used many materials and some didn’t. Materials we used were: Wooden rods, Aluminum foil, pipe cleaners ,construction paper, crafts sticks tape, scissors. We had an amazing time. Good luck to anybody else doing this experiment. ScienceFIST rocks.

- Salazar Reporters

Posted Nov 30, 2012 by Haugan

Today we are going to remake our project we did on Tuesday. Each group is trying to add a little bit more of the material we used from last time. My group used spoons, tape and aluminum foil. Another group used construction paper, sticks, and tape. It was successful! It made more energy.

Sciencefist rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haugan Elemntary School

Posted Nov 28, 2012 by Haugan

Today we created models of Wind Turbines out of dowel rods, spoons, pipe cleaners, tape, aluminum foil and tape. Then we tested them with the electric fan. The highest was 317 with the multimeter, it was going real fast. The model used pipe cleaners, dowel rods, tape, and aluminum foil. Another interesting model was made from spoons, dowel rods, and pipe cleaners with 200 for the multimeter.

Every group in our class each made a different design of the turbine model. All the turbine models have high ratings. They were all interesting though. Everyone did a good job on making the models.


Comments Anonymous | Fri, 11/30/2012 – 04:13

How many blades did you guys use?

Do you think that one of the materials was better than another?

Did you do any background research on the number of blades you should make?

How long did you leave the air on for each trial?

We look forward to hearing more!


-Salazar SciencFIST Club

Posted Nov 28, 2012 by Salazar

Wind energy, looks simple, but in reality you need to plan what you do. It is difficult to work with craft sticks, and mostly because everyone has diffent ideas. We disscussed many subjects from “What is velocity?” to “Does weight have something to do with the amount of energy it generates?” I noticed all groups tried to make it unique. All groups had many ideas, and they were all great. The question is, “Which is best?”

Posted Nov 21, 2012 by Haugan

Today we worked on our straw bridges and redesigned them so they can be stronger and hold more pennies on the bridge. What worked was triangles, crosses and lots of tape because they made it more sturdy and flexible for the bridge. The bridges that worked were surfaces that were layered with lots of tape and triangles surrounding the cups when putting the pennies to make more support. Crosses also made support on the bottom on some bridges like what my group did and also triangles are the strongest shape.

Posted Nov 21, 2012 by Spry

So today we got to test out our straw bridges! Cristian group bridge lasted the longest because it held 227 pennies! His bridge was a simple one but with a couple straws through the middle and it had a lot of tape. Directier’s group held 138 pennies! :D Pepsi’s group held 57 pennies. :c

Some groups did not use all the tape and some didn’t use all the straws. That could be a reason why some bridges did not hold so many pennies!

AND EVERYONE HAD TONS OF FUN! We also got our new scienceFIST shirts!

Kate and Mrs. Mansour and Ms. Rutkowski ARE THE BEST!

-PANDA ^o^

Posted Nov 21, 2012 by Salazar

Today we tested our straw bridges with pennies.And we got to test our score by putting pennies in the cup and also we got a high score.Our high score where 298 pennies. We also tested two extra credit spaghetti bridges and saw how many books can hold on the spaghetti bridge.And one of them held 15 heavy chapter books. SCIENCEFIST ROCKS!

Posted Nov 16, 2012 by Haugan

Today in the Science Fist club we built bridges. When i went to every group and asked them questions they couldnt really answer them because they were building their bridges. When i went to my gruop they were already putting pennies in the cup without me. When I went back they already had 50 pennies inside the cup. Then we kept on putting more and more pennies until we reached $2.98. I felt very happy beacuse we were the group who got to beat the record of $1.48. Well! We put straws together, we made a lot of triangles and then we made X’s and taped them together then we put masking tape on the road (bottom) of the bridge and we put the cup in the middle. Then we kept on putting pennies and when we were done with 50 all my friends were excited and yelling because we were breaking the record. The bridge was very flexible which helped when the cup was in the middle, it helped it not fall because the force was, like, going through all the trianges.

This scienceFIST club is the most awesome in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!