Posted Dec 5, 2012 by Salazar

Today we advanced construction on our windmills. We tried to use spoons but it FAILED With our groups. The most advancement we’ve made was the different types of materials. The highest goal we got today is 264 but we still have to beat 543. Haugan you might have beat us this time but this isn’t over yet!

Posted Nov 30, 2012 by Salazar

Today we continued our lesson from last Tuesday about wind turbines. Some groups succeeded with the turbines they invented, the groups used different types of materials and techniques to create the turbines. We found out that the materials we were using could affect the amount of milli-voltage produced. One group found out that putting too much weight on the turbines could affect the speed. We also used a Dyson blade-less fan to help move the turbines and it didn’t work that well, we also found out that the design of our blades affect the speed also. Some teams used many materials and some didn’t. Materials we used were: Wooden rods, Aluminum foil, pipe cleaners ,construction paper, crafts sticks tape, scissors. We had an amazing time. Good luck to anybody else doing this experiment. ScienceFIST rocks.

- Salazar Reporters

Posted Nov 28, 2012 by Salazar

Wind energy, looks simple, but in reality you need to plan what you do. It is difficult to work with craft sticks, and mostly because everyone has diffent ideas. We disscussed many subjects from “What is velocity?” to “Does weight have something to do with the amount of energy it generates?” I noticed all groups tried to make it unique. All groups had many ideas, and they were all great. The question is, “Which is best?”

Posted Nov 21, 2012 by Haugan

Today we worked on our straw bridges and redesigned them so they can be stronger and hold more pennies on the bridge. What worked was triangles, crosses and lots of tape because they made it more sturdy and flexible for the bridge. The bridges that worked were surfaces that were layered with lots of tape and triangles surrounding the cups when putting the pennies to make more support. Crosses also made support on the bottom on some bridges like what my group did and also triangles are the strongest shape.

Posted Nov 14, 2012 by Spry

Today We Tested Our Spaghetti Bridges, And We Decided Which Was One The Best And Strongest. The Strongest bridge had a lot of support with the extra tape and spaghetti. the least strongest bridge didnt have enough support in the middle. Some groups made their bridges with thick rods. Those held the most weight.

On Thursday we are going to be working with straws. We only have 20 straws per group. Everyone had fun watching the bridges break and the competition was a success. (:


Posted Nov 14, 2012 by Salazar

Today we are all working on some awesome straw bridges. We each all were working together to make the perfect straw bridges in order to keep pennies on the bridge for sometime,a lot of them were long some of them were triangular and some were just…… indescribable. Many of our bridges wont survive the penny drop.many of them were creative and unique some of them even had a different techniques. Now we can all see never trust a straw bridge.we were all enthusiastic when our bridges were about to bend although i think all of our bridges survived. :) while doing the bridge it was so sad we didn’t even get to keep the money :(

Posted Nov 7, 2012 by Haugan

Today three groups designed two bridges each made out of string, tape and spaghetti strings. The first one we tested with books to see how strong it was. The second time we tried another design to see which one worked best. Then we recorded our findings in our journals. The end.

Posted Nov 7, 2012 by Spry

Well today the assignment was kind of hard. The complicated part was making the loop for our roller coaster. We still had fun and we had a competition between all of the groups. Two out of the three groups were successful with making a loop. The Panda thought it was fun. It took about three to five trials to make the loop successful. We all tried to support each other to achieve a successful roller coaster. We can’t wait for you to see our video and pictures. :)

ScienceFist Rules!!!! <3


Posted Nov 2, 2012 by Spry

Lol, many of our smart scientist are testing many different ways to get a marvel go into a can but some of us (including me) kind of made it go through a chair, bounce out of the can, hit a book & go back in the can. My god this is really fun once I tried it. When I’m finished I asked my teacher to give me this tube thing & test this at home ^.< If any of you plan on doing this, it’s a real fun activity trust me, I know!! xD
Any ways thank you for reading our blog!
Editor Panda^-^ ♥

Posted Nov 2, 2012 by Salazar

Today in ScienceFIST we had failures and successes! We attempted to get the marble in the can by designing a ski jump. We used many different types of materials. Not only did we focus on the science but we had fun doing it! We used height, speed, distance, and angles to get the marble into the can like a ski jumper would jump and land.

We were successful with getting our marbles into the can sometimes. Our tracks were “structurally sound.” All the marbles flew, and some got lost! :)

Our failures were that we needed to stabilize our tracks better. We need to make sure we cut the tracks better. We want to make better estimates from the jump to the can. We want to try planning it out by drawing it first next time.

We had a lot of fun doing this experiment today. It was a fantastic experience!