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Today in scienceFIST we learned that some guy made hospital tape. We
learned we can learn from our mistakes and if we fail we can make
inventions just all of a sudden. Yay!

One word about what we did today: Awesome! We started off by breaking
up into groups of 3′s and one group of 4. Then each group decided on
their group name. We have the nerds (not the candy), purple squirrels,
G.S. squad, and D.J.M. After we did that we got a work sheet about
different categories from the Edison Awards. Our groups went to the
computer lab and started researching our different Edison Award
categories. Most of us found a category that interested us like
industrial design, applied technology, and media visual communication.
Once we returned back to our classroom we began discussing about what
we learned from each category and the invention and innovation winners
from the Edison Awards that we thought were cool.

Today is scienceFIST club! Today in club we ate snacks. We learned about banking services and how they have changed. Now we use ATMs and before people had to use people. We also looked at telephones. Before we had rotary phones and now we got the iphone. iphones are better. Well, yes and no. They are better because old phones were less fancy but you were less likely to use them in car accidents. Also, I think next year Kate should include typewriters and computers in the new to old exercise. Kate is here! We are sad when she isn’t here :(